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National Preparedness Month

9/4/2018 (Permalink)

It's National Preparedness Month! Yes that really is a thing. As a business owner, insurer or a property manager, you are a leader in your community and have the opportunity to set an example for your employees, customers, and community to follow.

   Join your community in preparing for emergencies and disasters of all types, and leading efforts to encourage, the community as a whole to become more prepared. Disasters happen and not only devastate individuals and neighborhoods, but entire communities, including businesses of all sizes.  

   As an employer in your community, having a business continuity plan can help protect your company, its employees and its infrastructure, and maximizes your chances of recovery after an emergency or disaster. You can do this by taking three easy steps:

1) Plan to stay in business

2) Encourage your employees to become ready

3) Protect your investment

   We must work together as a team to make sure that families, businesses, places of worship, and neighborhoods are ready, At, companies can find vital information on how to begin preparing their organization and addressing their unique needs during an emergency. You can contact SERVPRO of Eau Claire at 715-834-3473 or to find out more on how to be ready when disaster hits with the Emergency Ready Program. 

Got To Have A Defense!

8/27/2018 (Permalink)

Defense against mold growth is vital for your home or business and the health of everyone that enters. Prompt mitigation is vital in avoiding mold growth, which can be visible in as little as twenty - four to forty -eight hours under certain conditions.

Here is some tips on how to put together the best defense possible.

  1. Keep the humidity between thirty to sixty percent.
  2. Provide for proper drainage away from your home or businesses foundations.
  3. Regularly inspect the plumbing and appliances for leaks.
  4. Keep all gutters and drains clear and free of debris.
  5. Inspect the roof, windows and other areas where water may enter the building and perform necessary maintenance.
  6. Respond to all water intrusions immediately.
  7. Contact SERVPRO of Eau Claire for assistance after a water damage or if and when you discover mold growth.

With all the rain and flooding lately, this seems pretty appropriate today. With SERVPRO of Eau Claire, you get trained Professionals whos top priority is you the customer. Getting you back into your home or business without future issues popping up. We do it right and quickly. We work to make it "Like it never even happened." Call us today to take care of all your water damage needs! 715-834-3473 or visit us at

Are You Ready?

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

What would happen if you pulled into work this morning only to find that you can't get into your building due to some type of disaster? Fire, Water, Crime Scene. How do you let your employees know about the situation? How do you take care of your customers? Who do you call? What do you do?

Did you know that 50% of all businesses that do not have a Emergency Ready Program in place, NEVER reopen after a disaster? Does your business have one? Are you prepared?

Luckily SERVPRO of Eau Claire offers this service to every community we are in. The best part, is it is absolutely FREE of charge, and NO obligations to ever use SERVPRO of Eau Claire! The Emergency Ready Program or ERP, takes depending on the size of your building very little time to complete.

We capture the vital data needed in time of crisis and disaster, and put it all together for you. No matter where you are in the world, you can rest assured if your business has a disaster, you are taken care of!

Contact me today for more information or to schedule your ERP. SERVPRO of Eau Claire office 715-829-3439 or visit our website

Bowl Season

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

New SERVPRO First Responder Bowl to be played at Cotton Bowl Stadium. To honor the services and sacrifices of First Responders, the annual college bowl game played at Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, Texas has been renamed. It is now the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl! The game is set for a 12:30 pm (Central Time) kickoff and will be televised on ESPN.

It's a privilege to honor the brave men and women who serve and protect our communities twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. SERVPRO who works along side and supports these community heroes reinforces our goals of recognizing our first responders.

First responders to be honored include police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, correctional officers, search and rescue, dispatchers, security guards, federal agents, border patrol agents, and military personnel who have specialized training and are first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency.

If you would like more information, please contact SERVPRO of Eau Claire at 715-834-3473 or visit our website

3rd Annual SERVPRO Golf Outing

7/27/2018 (Permalink)

Join SERVPRO of Eau Claire for our 3rd annual SERVPRO Golf Outing, Friday August 17th, at Wissota Golf in Chippewa Falls, WI. Activities and networking starts at 11 am, shotgun start for the scramble at noon. All money raised will go directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin.

The golf outing will feature a Hole-In-One contest for $100,000 AND courtesy of Chilson Motors a Hole-In-One contest for a brand new vehicle! Many more prizes, raffles, and auction items will be available for your chance to win! To sponsor and or register, please call Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin at 715-835-0161 and Teri-Gene Conlin, or call SERVPRO of Eau Claire at 715-834-3473 and they will be more than happy to assist you!

SERVPRO of Eau Claire would like to take a moment to thank some of the great sponsors of this event:

State Farm Insurance

Chilson Motors

Spectrum Insurance

Castle Insurance, Employers Benefit Group, Nurturing Nature Massage Plus LLC, Primerica, Toppers Pizza, Charter Bank, Chippewa Valley Financial, Toycen Motors, The District Pub & Grill, Signarama.

   We hope to see you at the SERVPRO 3rd Annual Golf Outing! Remember it is Friday, August 17th, at Wissota Golf in Chippewa Falls, WI. Start time for the great event is 11 am with a noon shotgun start for the golfing. 

Clean Homes Will Sell Faster!

7/9/2018 (Permalink)

Ever walk into a home for sale and the first thing you notice is an odor? That odor makes it very hard to concentrate on the home and the features you may like and want. Chances are, you may pass on a great home because your first impression is an offensive odor. Sadly, this happens more often than you think. In today's housing market, it is important to present the best house showing possible. Houses are flying off the market within 24 to 48 hours of being listed.

Get it clean and you will get it sold! Dirty ducts can circulate odors and contaminates like mold and irritating dust throughout a home. SERVPRO of Eau Claire Professionals use a portable ventilation and air duct cleaning system to examine ductwork and make a clean sweep, removing years of dust and grime. Cleaning your ductwork can reduce allergens and pet dander, eliminate offensive odors, and improve operating conditions and efficiency.

You can use SERVPRO of Eau Claire as an informed resource. Our trained and certified professionals can inspect a home or commercial building for damage and whether moisture has penetrated materials or is allowing mold growth.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an inspection of your property, please call us at 715-834-3473 or visit our website at

Taking Precautions

7/2/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Eau Claire Professionals handle water damages every day and know prompt action is required to prevent mold growth. If there is an ongoing moisture problem in the building, there are some signs to be looking for:

  • The presence of mold.
  • Strong musty odors, which may indicate mold is present.
  • Any evidence of past moisture problems that might have caused undetected mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity.

These conditions may require the expertise of a qualified Indoor Air Quality or Environmental Professional to inspect the building for mold growth and water damage problems.

If you discover any of these issues, call SERVPRO of Eau Claire. 715-834-3473 or visit our website at www.SERVPROeauclaire.comOur trained and certified Professionals will do an inspection and assessment of damage. Containment will be done to keep any mold from spreading. Air filtration will be used to capture microscopic mold spores. The mold will be removed from infested materials. SERVPRO of Eau Claire Professionals will clean the contents and belongings. Finally, depending on the level of mold damage, drywall, subfloors, and other building materials may be removed. Restoration may involve minor repairs like replacing drywall, painting or installing new carpet; or it may require major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

No matter the size or damages rest assured that SERVPRO of Eau Claire will make it "Like it never even happened."

Why SERVPRO of Eau Claire?

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

There are a lot of restoration, and remediation companies to choose from in the Chippewa Valley, so why should you or your business choose SERVPRO of Eau Claire? Great question!

First: "Faster to any size disaster" isn't just a catch phrase, it's true. SERVPRO of Eau Claire average response time to the first emergency call or an agent or insurance adjusters call is less than 20 minutes. This means even at 2 a.m. or on a Holiday! SERVPRO of Eau Claire is available and ready to roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Within 2 hours from first contact, a highly trained SERVPRO Professional is on scene. When it comes to restoring your property and saving your precious memories, time and quick response are everything!

Second: There is no Disaster too big or too small for us to handle! Seriously! No matter if it is just a backed up drain that flooded a tiny bathroom or basement room, or the US Pentagon, SERVPRO will and has restored it. With over 1,700 franchises Nation wide, we come together and work as Team Green! Meaning, we can handle any size disaster that comes our way!

Third: Our highly trained professionals adhere to our industry standards of IICRC training. On top of continuous education provided by SERVPRO of Eau Claire, we require all of our employees to go through and pass certified training. When it comes to your home and or business, we want you to know, SERVPRO of Eau Claire takes it serious.

Last: SERVPRO is the largest restoration and mitigation in the nation. A company doesn't get to be number 1 in the nation without doing the right things and treating people the right way. So when it comes time to call a local restoration company, remember SERVPRO of Eau Claire.

Office number is 715-834-3473 or visit us at www.SERVPROeauclaire.comyou can also check us out on Facebook at SERVPRO Eau Claire.

Use Us As A Resource!

6/8/2018 (Permalink)

You may know SERVPRO of Eau Claire as a MITIGATION and REMEDIATION service company, but did you know, among many other services, we also EDUCATE?

Not only do we offer CE CLASSES but we do LUNCH & LEARNS, 1 to 1's and offer our SOCIAL MEDIA and WEBSITE as a resource for anyone to use. You can always call SERVPRO of Eau Claire too!

We believe in giving back to the Chippewa Valley as much as we possibly can. Part of giving back is, continuing to educate our community. From commercial to residential concerns of remediation and mitigation, to community concerns. We try to cover and offer a wide variety of important issues that are of interest to the Chippewa Valley.

Recently, we held an Continuing Education Class for insurance agents. We covered topics of Ethics and also Restoring Contaminated Buildings. We also work with the insurance industry to help them educate their insured of the damages certain disasters can cause and the importance of certain types of insurance coverages to be addressed.

If you found this blog to be helpful and or interesting, please be sure to follow us on FACEBOOK at SERVPRO Eau Claire... on TWITTER @SERVPROEauClair ...ALINABLE at SERVPRO of Eau Claire .... our WEBSITE and our OFFICE PHONE NUMBER 715-834-3473. We look forward to talking and sharing with you!

And Then The Rains Came!

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

According to the National Weather Service (NOAA), approximately seventy-five percent of all Presidential disaster declarations are associated with flooding. NOAA lists the most common flood hazards in the United States as:

  • Flash Flooding
  • River Flooding
  • Storm Surge and Coastal Inundation from Tropical and Non-Tropical Systems
  • Burn Scars/Debris Flows(Caused by Wildfires)
  • Ice/Debris Jams
  • Snowmelt
  • Dry Wash (Caused by heavy rainfall in dry areas)
  • Dam Breaks/Levee Failure

Just because you haven't experienced a flood doesn't mean you won't! In fact, 20% of all claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) were for policies in low-risk communities. On average more than $3.5 billion in annual losses in the United States and commercial flood claims average more than $75,000 (NFIP)

When catastrophic water damage happens to you, SERVPRO of Eau Claire Professionals can help. They can help you be prepared ahead of time by helping you with an Emergency Ready Program (ERP), or respond to any size disaster to begin cleanup and restoration to get you back in business as soon as possible. Let SERVPRO of Eau Claire Professionals make it "Like it never even happened."

Call today to learn more! 715-834-3473