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We are farmers and have a German Shepherd Kennel. Puppies are in our home and are with us 24/7. Our rugs get so stained and just plain dirty. These people came today and I don't think they knew what they were getting into?? Our rugs look brand new And when the husband notices that's impressive!! Thank you Bob for your sweat and hard work!! We will be seeing you again!!
Bob 5 
Carpet cleaning 5 
Thank you again!!
Williams Farms & Von Williams Haus Kennels


3 months ago After years of being unable to take care of things in and outside of my home, it became extremely cluttered with trash, boxes, and became really unclean. I was unable to do anything about it as I watched my surroundings get worse and worse. Previously after my spinal injury I had a caretaker that helped me keep it clean, but they had quit abruptly for a different job and I was left without any help. I have no friends or family that could assist me. I was able to obtain LTC benefits through the state and after about a year of rehabilitative therapy I was still unable to make much difference fixing my living situation. Finally my LTC provider hired SERVPRO to help me and over the course of 3 days returned my home in better condition than when I first moved it. They are so fast at what they do, and work so well as a team. They were very careful to take care of things I did not want damaged. They even helped me put a lot of it back where I wanted, since that would have been extremely hard for me to do. My stress and depression are so much better since this has been done. I sincerely cannot thank them enough for their hard work and passion for helping people in need. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their home restored after any life event that can make a home into a bad living environment.

Excellent job SERVPRO, Eau Claire. When our basement flooded late on a Saturday evening they came out promptly and worked into the wee small hours to prevent further damage and to start the mitigation process. They then came each and every day until things were completely dried out. They also took care of the rebuild and finally the pack in. They were at all times professional and guided us through the entire process. They really live up to their "Like it never even happened." motto.

We never thought we'd ever experience a house fire to this extent.  We didn't even know where to start.   SERVPRO guided us the whole way through and the whole time made us feel like family.  We will be forever grateful for their professionalism, kindness, thoroughness, and guidance.

Almost immediately after purchasing a really old home, heavy rains from a storm caused flooding in our basement.  We couldn't figure out where the water was coming from and we needed help.  SERVPRO came out right away, extracted the water and helped us figure out that the water was coming up from the concrete floor.  They were really great to work with and Andy was an endless wealth of helpful information.  

Thanks to Kyle, I had my carpets cleaned and John did a fabulous job!!!  John even sent me before and after photos, he knew I wouldn't get to see it until late that day :) Not everyone cares enough to do that, great service, thank you!!!

My building had a room in it with an alarming level of mold and corrosion damage to one of the floors. SERVPRO was able to come in almost immediately to deep clean the floor so that I could get it refinished. They were prompt, courteous, very knowledgeable, and even helped me find a contractor to refinish the floor.

SP of EC made an overwhelming and unfamiliar process very easy! Very professional and left me feeling informed!

We enjoyed SERVPRO very much! We had a kitchen fire and we need helping cleaning and they did a phenomenal job.

They were great. They worked 2 14 hour days and made it perfect!

SERVPRO responded quickly to an equipment malfunction that caused a flood in our basement, wiping out all carpet and some Sheetrock. We found them very responsive and have been great to work with throughout the process. We aren’t done with the restoration part yet but if their initial service level with the water damage portion continues to the conclusion, we will be extremely satisfied.

We had a huge water damage problem that involved three floors. SERVPRO did a great job with mitigation and a fantastic job organizing build back. Thanks to Butch, coordinator who made it all happen in a timely manner with great organization! Our house looks better than new!

The service was exceptional! We called and were able to get scheduled in the same week. As a business, scheduling the service could have been a challenge, they accepted the challenge and made it work. Butch was so professional, he stopped by our office, to review our needs, and made the suggestion to ScotchGard our carpet. It was so helpful and nice to see that SERVPRO cares about their customers. Thank you to Butch, Ali and our service man (Alex)!

Alex was SO helpful and his work was beautiful. He put our mind at ease and now we can feel safe in the house again. We would Highly recommend SERVPRO!

We recently had water damage in our home- SERVPRO was quick to help us in getting our house back together! Abbi was great with communicating with our adjuster which made it easy on our end! Butch and Andy were great with explaining any questions we had on the rebuild and what was going on!

Alex and Nakita did our final clean and we were amazed with it- during the final clean Alex did an air duct clean for us and I was so surprised with how much he got out!

Thank you SERVPRO for the amazing work!

Alex was wonderful. Came on a Sunday morning and went right work. He also gave a thorough explanation of the company and its policies. Thanks Alex!

After a fire extinguisher explosion at my business, SERVPRO's team of Sarah and Jake were efficient, easy to communicate with, and took the stress out of a stressful situation.

"Called these folks for a broken hot water heater line in my wood shop. They were outstanding! This line broke and filled the work room with hot steamy water and then blew the door open to the unheated pole barn area. The unheated area became a rain forest from the water condensing on roof and falling down.
SERVPRO showed up right away and started doing their thing ( Cleaning, drying and helping decide salvage item's and inventory for the insurance). All employee's were the best and super helpful! I would of put thumbs up for "Value" but insurance is paying and I have no idea of the cost. But I will say no matter what cost the cost was, they saved my butt... and my shop! Would highly recommend!"

Solid company with fast response. 

Top notch crew. Clean, newer equipment. Would recommend to anyone. 

Everyone was wonderful from the start to finish! I had called another company originally, but there had been flooding on the west side of town, so they were unable to come help us. I was so nervous that we wouldn't be able to find anyone,but despite also working the flood on the west side, SERVPRO was able to come out to help us and finish faster than we ever expected!

Everyone was so great, and the work was finished far more quickly than we expected. 

The technicians were professional every step of the way.

The team that came over was wonderful! I felt confident that they would take care of my mom's home. Normally I would be nervous about leaving strangers in her home unattended, but they made me feel comfortable and kept us informed on the process throughout. I would definitely recommend them in the future!

There was nothing they could have done to better assist us. In fact, our insurance adjuster will only go through the SERVPRO team in these situations.

They jumped in quicker than we expected and got the work done in  a timely manner. 

They are very professional, fast, thorough, & efficient. We arrived home from a 2 month vacation to find a union on our water heater had ruptured. Water damaged our master bedroom & laundry area. We immediately called our insurance company & within hours on a Sunday, SERVPRO arrived & immediately got to work. They had to come about 80 miles, which they did every day for about 10 days. Since mold had already started they were extremely careful tearing carpet, floors & insulation out. Took everything out in plastic bags & disposed of every bit of it. Took the furniture & clothes back to EauClaire to store for us until we are ready for it. They reinstalled the subfloor, redid the ceiling & walls. They explained everything & were so polite. What started out to be a horrible experience, thanks to SERVPRO turned out to be an absolutely enlightening experience. By the time they finally took all their fans & dehumidifiers & finished the ceiling & walls, everything looked brand new. We cannot thank these people enough. So grateful they were the ones our insurance company sent. C & G

Very quick response! The treatment removed the odor successfully, nice guys too!

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of SERVPRO of Eau Claire. We had smoke and water damage throughout our plant. The team expeditiously responded and provided the equipment and workforce required to complete the cleanup job. They kept us informed of their progress daily. They were very professional, courteous, and accommodating during the entire process.

"Very good job, very nice technicians"

"Extremely pleased with overall results"

"Technicians had a good personality, did a very good job"

"Technicians were hard working and thorough"

"Great service, you know your stuff"

"Above and beyond the call of duty"

Beautiful, very efficient!

Always on time and called ahead to confirm.

Excellent! Came at last minute when another company cancelled last moment. Will use again, thank you so much! 

Thank you for your prompt service, I really appreciate it. Your service people were the best! M.J.F.

Great work! S.I.

From the quotes I received the price was the best. Staff were very pleasant & on task.


I was very impressed with the professional work, the kindness shown and the willingness to answer my questions.


Your crew was one of the best group of workers I've ever dealt with kudo's to all of them. For what they do, they deserve a raise! and I'm not even kidding, don't even know what they make :) Jude

Can't ask for a better crew at our house during our loss. Thank you Jeremy